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   Exploring Life's Wonders: Field Survey Specimen Exhibition [2018-04-18]
   Nano Biotechnology Team of School of Life Sciences Won 2017 Demonstration Collective of Labor Competition in Tianjin University [2018-01-11]
   Great Success in the Young Teachers Teaching Competition and Young Management Staff Competition of Tianjin University [2018-01-11]
   SLS First Participated in Tianjin College Students' Basic Biological Experiment Skills Competition and Won Excellent Results [2017-12-22]
   Handmade Button Flower Activity in School of Life Sciences [2017-12-01]
   Field Survey in Yantai [2017-09-01]
   SLS and SPST Held Welcome Ceremony for 2016 New Students [2016-09-27]
   SLS Faculty’s Report Meeting was held successfully [2015-11-09]
   Two Firsts, One Gold Medal, and a Nomination Award for the Best New Composite Part in IGEM [2015-10-19]
   SLS participated in sports meeting [2015-10-14]
   SLS held National Youth 973 Project Kick-off meeting [2015-10-14]
   Professor Lingjun Li Wins Biemann Medal [2015-10-14]
   SLS held the meeting on development of life science successfully [2015-10-14]
   TU and Johns Hopkins University to Work Together on Synthetic Biology [2013-04-01]
   2012 Workshop on the Progress of Frontier Research in Life Sciences and Technology Held at TU [2013-04-01]
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