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Academic Lectures-Xiaohu Gao

Date:2017-06-09    From:

Topic: Translational Nanotechnology for Ultrasensitive Analysis of Disease Biomarkers
Abstract: Nanoparticles in the 1-10 nm size range are of considerable current interest, not only because of their unique size-dependent properties but also their dimensional similarities with biological macromolecules (e.g., nucleic acids and proteins). These similarities could allow an integration of nanotechnology and biology, leading to major advances in medical diagnostics, prognostics, and targeted therapeutics. In this speech, development of multifunctional nanoparticles for ultrasensitive detection of disease biomarkers will be presented.
Speaker: Prof. Gao Xiaohu (Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington)
Time: 10:00 on June 12 (Monday)
Place: Conference room 110, No.15 building
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