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Academic Lectures-Weibo Cai

Date:2017-05-23    From:

    On May 18th, Cai Weibo, the associate professor of University of Wisconsin-Madison, came to the School of Life Sciences and gave an academic report entitled "Molecular Imaging, Image-Guided Drug Delivery, and Theranostics". This report attracted many teachers and students from School of Life Sciences, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology and School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.  




    At the beginning of the report, Associate Professor Cai Weibo briefly introduced his own scientific research experience, teaching situation and the current research direction of his research group. After that, the report was divided into two parts according to Cai’s research. The first part was the introduction of molecular imaging, and the second part was the research achievements about the imaging mediated drug delivery, diagnosis and treatment. In the second part, the research results of multi mode imaging analysis of isotopically labeled nanoparticles in his laboratory were demonstrated in detail for the teachers and students with the background of nanomaterials to study. At the end of the report, Cai introduced the basic situation of University of Wisconsin-Madison to students and teachers in humorous language. 

    After the report, the students had an enthusiastic conversation with Professor Cai.

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