Special Scholarship

International Scholarship of Bachelor’s Program in Environment and Energy

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As the “key and special major” and “excellent engineer major” established by the Ministry of Education, Environment and Energy of Tianjin University offers quality bachelor’s program in English with scholarships for international students.



ISBEE consists of 3 full scholarships and 7 partial scholarships.

The full scholarship provides:

  Tuition fees for four years

  An annual living allowance (RMB25,000 in 2018) for four years

The partial scholarship provides:

  Tuition fees for four years


Conditions and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship will be available to those applicants who:

  Non-Chinese citizens in good health at application;

  less than 35 years old at application;

  English proficiency certificate will be required (TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0 or pass through an interview by TJU);

  Candidates are required to enroll in Tianjin University as ‘international students’ and must maintain this status for the duration of their enrolment in the University;

§  Scholarships holders must commence study in Tianjin University in the semester the scholarship is offered.


Application Procedures

  Complete theApplication Form for Foreigners of Studying at TJU and Application Form for TJU International Students Scholarship(Environmental and Energy);

  Mail the application forms and all other application materials (one original and one copy) to the International Admissions Office, Tianjin University by May 30th, 2018;

  Tianjin University reviews the application with final list of successful candidates to be released by June 30th, 2018;

  Letter of Admission and JW 202 will be sent to the applicants;

  Register at Tianjin University in early September, 2018.



For application issues:

   The International Admissions Office, Tianjin University

   Phone: 86-22-27406691

   Email: iso@tju.edu.cn

For academic inquiries:

    School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University

    Email: gywang@tju.edu.cn