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The School of Environment Science and Engineering in Tianjin University is a personnel training fundament as well as a scientific research center in the field of environment, energy and municipal. The orientation and development goal is to build a first-class and famous College in domestic and overseas. Under the principle of high starting point, new mechanism, distinguishing feature, first-class and sustaining development, the College is striving for introducing advanced and talented people from all over the world and creating a coordination for the subject construction, personnel training, scientific research innovation and applicative spreading so as to make a key breakthrough at fast pace.


SESE is committed to training talents and facilitating scientific research in the field of environment, energy and city planning. Its Environment Science and Engineering ranks top 8 in the National Discipline Assessment by Ministry of Education in 2012. The school has 3 departments and 8 research centers, including Water Environment and Water Pollution Treatment, Building Energy Conservation and Energy Utilization, Solid Waste and Biomass Energy, Atmospheric Haze and PM 2.5 Control, Ecological Restoration and Pollution Control, Building Environment Technology, Marine Environment and Coastal Ecological, and Earth & Environmental Science. Besides, there are 4 international research centers set up in the School to promote international collaboration with renowned universities or institutes all over the world, including China-Australia Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Joint International Research Laboratory of Promoting Building Energy Efficiency, Center for Cabin Air Reformative Environment (CARE) and Sino-Singapore International Cooperation Center for Water Management as the international research center.


By now, it is equipped with 71 staff, among which there are 16 professors and 27 deputy professors . Besides, the College possesses one first-degree subject in respect of Environmental Science and Engineering and five second-degree subjects associated with Environment Engineering, Environment Science, Municipal Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering. At the same time, it makes the Doctor Program and Graduate Program opening to all the second-degree subjects and jointly trains Ph. D candidates and Master Degree candidates majoring in Building Technology with Building College in this university together with mobile station for the post-doctors from the Environment Science and Engineering Department. Presently, there are nearly 100 Ph. D candidates at College, 300 Master Degree candidates and 600 undergraduates or so with annual enrollers of about 160 undergraduates, 100 Master Degree candidates and 30 Ph. D candidates.


The capacity for scientific research is fully reinforced in the College and its average scientific research grant per person heads the list of successful candidates. Apart from this, the College has undertaken or participated in a series of projects such as ¡°863¡±, ¡°973¡±, National ¡°Fifteenth¡± ¡°Eleventh-five¡± Key Project, National Nature and Science Funds Project, Doctor Program Fund Project, Key and Fundament Research Project in Tianjin. As for training talents, it focuses on training advanced talents in the field of environmental protection, municipal engineering, building environment and energy application as required by the socialist construction and social development in accordance with the education concept of strong foundation, succinct philosophy, board domain and stressing capacity-training. During the teaching practice, it puts a premium on building the staff, configuring teaching resources, using resources effectively, preferentially developing education and co-promoting the teaching and scientific research. By way of education innovation, the teaching content is constantly up to date to meet the social needs as well as its reinforced education management and strengthened teaching and learning atmosphere are propelled to increase the quality of talents trained in further way.


The College is actively engaged in foreign exchange and corporation with internationally renowned universities, research institutes and enterprises plus regular or irregular visits and exchanges. As a result of the funds from foreign companies, the Scientific Innovation Funds and Innovation Awards are established for all students in this College to stimulate students¡¯ vigorous innovation and enhance their learning initiative. 40% undergraduates or so move on their study for Master Degree, among which half students pass though the assessment to keep on study with the exemption and some students can take a successive postgraduate and doctoral study. Some outstanding students in the College are able to pursue other professional second degree within the College or the university to get an access to the duel-degree certificates. Over the past fifty years, numerous advanced talents of undergraduates, graduates and Ph. D candidates are furnished for our country and make great contribution for the development of environmental protection, energy application and municipal project.