Location:Medicinal Chemistry
Molecular Science and Medicinal Chemistry
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Faculty Members
   Shen Jiaxiang, Academician of CAE
   Zhao Kang, Changjiang Scholar
   Jay Siegel, National 1000-plan talent
   Lei Xiaoguang, National Excellent Young Scholar 
   Gao Qingzhi, Tianjin 1000-plan talent 
   Jiang Shende
   Wang Songqing
Associated professors 
   Wang Donghua
   Du Yunfei
   Huang Jianhui
   Tang Yu
   Deng Jun
Research areas
1. Molecular Sciences
----Process Chemistry: kilogram scale synthesis of Corannulene


----Synthesis of the non-natural products, e.g., Trefoil knots
2. Molecular Targeting and Anti-body Conjugates



----Novel biotarget based Pt-complexes anticancer drug
----Conjugate chemistry and investigational drug development
3. Natural Products Total Synthesis/ Chemical Biology

4. Medicinal Chemistry / Synthetic Methodology 



5. Industrial Application-manufacturing pharmaceuticals