[第330次交流活动] Strategies and Tactics for the Rapid Synthesis of Molecular Complexity [2018-10-16]
  [第329次交流活动] How to get published at NRDD [2018-10-16]
  [第328次交流活动] Catalytic asymmetric protonation of vinyl heterocycles [2018-10-16]
  [第327次交流活动] Synthetic Studies toward IB-00208 and Anionic Rearrangement of 2-Benzyloxypyrid... [2018-10-10]
  [第325-326次交流活动] Targeted delivery of biologics; Polymers for Drug Delivery: Some Thoughts o... [2018-10-10]
  [第324次交流活动] HPC Trends in Computational Chemistry [2018-09-26]
  [第323次交流活动] Crystal structure prediction for solvated structures [2018-09-26]
  [第322次交流活动] Targeting branched chain amino acid biosynthesis for herbicides and antifungals [2018-09-21]
  [第321次交流活动] Radicals: your life is in their hands [2018-09-19]
  [第320次交流活动] Calmodulin Shuttling Mediates Cytonuclear Signaling to Trigger Experience-depen... [2018-09-17]
  [第319次交流活动] Clinical Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging for Disease Diagnosis [2018-08-30]
  [第318次交流活动] Development of a One-Pot Three-Component Radiochemical Reaction and its Applica... [2018-08-30]
  [第317次交流活动]New Synthetic Opportunities through Organic Photocatalysis [2018-07-13]
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