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Third Prize for Twelfth China Law Young Forum Essay

Release time: 2017-11-27     Source:

Award Type: Third Prize for Twelfth China Law Young Forum Essay

Award WinnerLecturer, Sun Hao

Name of AchievementResearch on Bureaucracy for Anti- Bureaucracy

Introduction on the AchievementThe selection of judicial position has played fundamental role in the reform nowadays, and attracted extensive attention from the whole society. Once somebody was confirmed as prosecutor, he would have more decision-making power. Therefore, the obstacle which was generated by historical scalar organization could be broke through, so that the mode of cooperation including activism and fair element formed. However, selection of prosecutors’ position may not facilitate desired unit for judicial case at the moment, instead which is likely to combining with the bureaucracy. So the goal for anti-bureaucracy appeared in the way of bureaucracy. According to analyzing internal logic of this phenomenon by empirical approach, and establishing the proper value cognition between empiricism and rationalism, we can hold the stability of reformed frame.

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