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Second Prize for the fourth China Outstanding Achievement Award for Law

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Award Type: Second Prize for the fourth China Outstanding Achievement Award for Law

Award WinnerProf. Sun Youhai

Name of AchievementStudy on the Legal Protection for Sustainable Development

Introduction on the AchievementThe book analyzes the relationship between the sound and fast development, sustainable development and the rule of law, and puts forward some principles and recommendations on how to improve the rule of law for sustainable development. On this basis, this book focuses on seven key issues that affect the sound, fast and sustainable development of China economy and society, that is, law chapter on environmental protection, law chapter on water resources, law chapter on land resources, law chapter on dominant mineral resources, law chapter on energy security, law chapter on environmental protection of farm produce origin, and law chapter on low-carbon development. This book is the research result of "Research on the Problems Promoting Sound, Fast and Sustainable Development of Economy and Economy", which is the top 10 special research and planning project of China Law Society at ministerial-level. This book summarizes and analyzes the situation facing the rule of law in the process of economic and social development in our country, summarizes the analysis and actual judgments on the basis of the outstanding problems and problems in the legal construction of environmental resources protection that are incompatible with the requirements of sustainable development. The main contradictions have been carefully studied, put forward the overall countermeasure and specific legal construction plan. This book can serve as a reference book for environmental resources law and economic law scholars as well as civil servants in the fields of legislation, law enforcement, judiciary, law enforcement and legal services engaged in the study of sustainable development of law. It can also be used as a study guide for party and government leading cadres at all levels, also can be used as an important reference for people concerned about the work of environmental resources protection.


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