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The university has sponsored or hosted dozens of international academic conferences since 1990's, which has created more opportunities for better cooperation and exchange.

International Conferences (2009-2013)

International Symposium on the Technology and Safety of Deep Sea Oil and Gas Exploitation

May 3-10

Zhao Yiyu zhaoyiyu1990@yahoo.cn
International Symposium on Computational Catalysis and Energy Chemical Engineering

May 20-22

Wang Hua tjuwanghua@tju.edu.cn
Workshop of Advanced Materials and Processing

May 21

Gao Yuting gaoyuting@tju.edu.cn
International Symposium of Compressive Sensing: Theory and Applications

May 26-27

Mao Guozhu maoguozhu@tju.edu.cn
2013 Sino-USA Chinese Collaborative Workshop--- Opportunities and Challenges in Synthetic Biology

June 20-22

Li Bingzhi bzli@tju.edu.cn
International Workshop on Information Management

June 29-30

Feng Nan fengnan@tju.edu.cn
The 5th International Symposium on “Clean and High-efficiency Combustion in Engines &Future Engine Technology Forum
July 1-4
Liu Haifeng haifengliu@tju.edu.cn
International Conference on Analysis Mathematics and its Applications

Aug. 1-4

Han Zhongjie zjhan@tju.edu.cn
International Workshop on “Applied Mathematics in Multi-scale and Multi-physical Problems”

Aug. 6-9

Zhang Yongming ymzh@tju.edu.cn
Landscape Architecture Colleges Exchange Conference of Chinese Mainland and Hongkong, Taiwan Areas

Aug. 16-17

Hu Yike


VINCI 2013

Aug. 17-18

Zhang Jiawan jwzhang@tju.edu.cn
International Workshop on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Aug. 19-21

Yao Guozheng rgz@tju.edu.cn
An International Workshop on “Hydrodynamic Instability and Laminar-Turbulent Transition: Progress and Challenges”

Aug. 23-26

Zhang Yongming ymzh@tju.edu.cn
International Seminary For Research on Modern Architectural Heritage in Tianjin

Sept. 15-17

Xu Subin xusubin@hotmail.com
The International Academic Forum on the Traditional Way of Living in the Modern Society

Ma Zhiyao

China-EU Workshop on Application Driven Computing on Supercomputers
Wang Lei wanglei02jsj@tju.edu.cn
International Symposium on the Risk Analysis and Control of Ocean Energy Exploitation

Oct. 20-27

Zhao Yiyuan zhaoyiyu1990@yahoo.cn
The International Workshop on Cognitive Computing and Application

Oct. 25-27

Wei Jianguo jianguo@tju.edu.cn
International Conference on Micro-Nano Technology

Nov. 3-6

Li Yanning drynli@tju.edu.cn
Workshop on surface sensitive optical spectroscopy

Nov. 4-5

Hu Chunguang cghu@tju.edu.cn
International Conference on Architecture Heritage Preservation and Sustainable Development-Historic Building Conservation and Green Regeneration Technology
Liu Conghong conghong_liu@163.com

International Conference on Bioenergy and Environment

Li Liping liliping@tju.edu.cn
SPST's Symposium on Directions in Modern Pharmaceutical Science
Dec. 5-8
Du Yunfei duyunfeier@tju.edu.cn
Frontier Forum of Optoelectronics, Biology, Energy Materials Chemistry


Hu Wenping huwp@iccas.ac.cn
The 8th International Symposium on City Planning and Environmental Management in Asian Countries

March 13-16

International Workshop on Time-Delayed Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

May 20-25

IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia 2012

May 21-24

2009 China – Korea International Symposium on Internal Combustion Engine and Automotive Engineering

Aug. 19 – 23

T13th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography

May 23-25

2012 Tianda International Fuel Cell Workshop

May 24-26

International Symposium of Compressive Sensing: Theory and Applications

June 9-12

U.S.-China Workshop on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

June 14-16

International Seminar of Quality Control and Diagnosis in Manufacturing Process of Complex Products

June 18-20

2012 IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems

July 2-4

ASME/IFTOMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots

July 8-11

Sino-U.S. Chinese Collaborative Workshop-Opportunities and Challenges in Synthetic Biology

Aug. 1-3

Deliver Healthy and Wholesome Drinking Water to Citizens

Aug. 23

Hydrodynamics Instability and Laminar-Transition: Progress and Challenges


International Conference on E-business Technology & Strategy

Aug. 29-31

IAPS Open Forum on Recent Research Advance on Protective Structures


NSFC-JST Co-operation Project Comprehensive Conversion of Biomass and Waste to Biofuels by Novel Catalytic Processes Symposium 2012

Sept. 15-17

International Symposium on Plasmas for Catalysis and Energy Materials(ISPCEM)

Sept. 21-23

International Symposium on the Technology and Safety of Deep Water Energy Exploitation

Oct. 8-12

International Symposium on Advanced Engine Control Technology

Oct. 10-12

International Workshop on Refined Analysis and Damage Control of Earthquake Disaster Impact on Bridge Structures

Oct. 11-12

International Conference on Mechatronics Technology

Oct. 16-18

The 8th UT-SNU-TU-TJU Student Workshop

Oct. 17-20

1st International Workshop on Bio-Energy and Environment

Oct. 18-20

Conference on Surface Sensitive Optical Spectroscopy: Technical Development and Scientific Applications

Oct. 21-22

The 8th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference (Airs 2012)

Dec. 17-19

2011 RISP International Workshop on Nonlinear Circuits, Communications and Signal Processing (NCSP'11)

March 1 - 3

Sino-UK Workshop on Low Carbon Building Rehabilitation

March 8

Low-Medium Temperature Energy and Low Carbon Technology Symposium

April 18 - 19

Sino-Korea Software Workshop

May 10 - 15

International Seminar on Fiber Intelligent Sensing Network and Key Devices

July 1 - 3

International Symposium on the Security of Offshore Oil and Gas Development

July 10 - 14

The 4th Annual International Conference of the Overseas Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering

July 23 - 24

International Symposium on “Clean and High-efficiency Combustion in Engines”

Aug. 1 - 4

2011 International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows

Sept. 16 -19

International Workshop on Future Computing

Sept. 26 -27

International Manufacturing Conference in China

Oct. 13 -15

International Symposium on the Development of Deepwater Oil and Gas

Oct. 24 -28

International Conference on Organofluorine Chemistry & Engineering

Oct. 28 -30

International Workshop on Economics with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents

Nov. 4 -6

International Academic Forum on Chinese New Year Paintings and Prints

Nov. 4 -7

The 7 th International Symposium on Environmental Anaerobic Technologies

Nov. 12 -13

International Symposium on Teaching and Research of Architectural History

Nov. 12 -14

2011 IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits

Nov. 16 -18

International Symposium on Advanced Engine Control Technology

Nov. 16 -18

International Workshop on Concentrator Photovoltaic Technologies Development

Mar. 27 – 31

International Workshop on Holomorphic Function Space and Operator Theory and the 3 rd National Conference on Holomporhic Function Space

Jun. 30 – Jul. 4

International Conference for Marketing Science Applications

Aug. 18 – 19

The 9 th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2010

Sept. 7 – 11

Seminar of Energy Saving and Construction

Sept. 15

International Symposium on Architecture Heritage Preservation and Sustainable Development

Sept. 20 – 21

2010 Chinese-German Joint Symposium on Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering ( CGJOINT2010 )

Sept. 21 – 24

International Conference on Nanomanufacturing 2010 (nanoMan2010)

Sept. 24 – 26

Workshop on Computational Experiments in Economic and Financial Systems

Sept. 26 – 27

35 th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (Asian Qualifying Matches)

Oct. 16 – 17

International Symposium on Ocean Engineering

Oct. 18 – 22

International Advanced Engine Control Symposium

Nov. 2 – 5

International Workshop on Ventilation, Comfort, and Health in Transport Vehicles

Nov. 5 – 6

Sino-Swedish Smart Grid Workshop

Dec. 6 – 7

Tianjin University “Leadership and Creativity — Excellent Talents Cultivation” International Internship

Dec. 23 – 24

The 10 th International Conference on CO 2 Utilization

May 17 – 23

The Field Experience Symposium on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in China, Japan and Korea

June 12 – 15

Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization ( CGIV2009 )

Aug. 11 – 14

2009 China – Korea International Symposium on Internal Combustion Engine and Automotive Engineering

Aug. 19 – 23

Tianjin University International Summer School of Internal Combustion Engine 2007

Aug. 23 – Sep. 2

3 rd International Symposium on Crystal Engineering & Drug Delivery System in China

Sept. 5 – 8

2009 International Workshop on Engineering Education Reform and Development ( ICEERD09 )

Oct. 8 – 10

International Seminar for the Research on Modern Architecture Heritage in Tianjin

Nov. 5 – 7

The 2 nd International Symposium on Advanced Engine Control Technology

Nov. 6 – 7

International Fuel Cell Workshop

Dec. 22 – 23

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