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Georgia Tech Week Opens in TU
  March: 2011-06-03

Georgia Tech Week opened in TU on June 1st. The opening ceremony was held in Conference Room No.8 of the TU Conference Building and present at the ceremony were Dr. Zhang Han, Co-Director of the Georgia Tech China Summer Program (CSP), professor and student representatives of CSP and TU student representatives. In addition, also present were the representatives from the Office of the Undergraduate Affairs, the Office of the Student Affairs and the International Cooperation Office.

Professor Yang Fuling, Director of the International Cooperation Office, pointed out in her address that under the guidance of TU internationalization strategy, the cooperation between TU and the universities around the world has been promoted vigorously through a variety of fruitful events, such as the "Holland Day", the "Slovakia Day" and the "University of Queensland Day". Georgia Tech Week marks a new start for the themed events between TU and other prestigious universities from different parts of the world.

In his speech, Dr. Zhang reviewed the background of the cooperation between Georgia Tech and TU, and specifically mentioned the close cooperation between the two universities for the Atlanta Summer Program (ASP) and CSP. He also expressed his hope for continued cooperation in more fields that have been much sought after on both sides.

After the ceremony, Dr. Zhang gave a speech entitled "Georgia Tech: Defining the Technological Research University of the 21st Century".

During the six-day Georgia Tech Week in TU, a variety of activities are to be held,  including academic lectures, cultural events and leadership training activities. And visits to Chinese homes at Dragon Boat Festival have been one of the most popular activities for US students.

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