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Tianjin Committee Member, CPPCC, Katherine Hung Tiu-Lin Visits TU
  March: 2011-06-03

Katherine Hung Tiu-Lin, Tianjin Committee Member of CPPCC and Director of Li Ka-Shing Foundation Ltd., visited TU on May 29th. President Li Jiajun and Vice President Feng Yaqing met with the guest together with representatives from the Office of Student Affairs, the Publicity Department, the Office of Peiyang Education Development Foundation, the Office of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs and Hong Kong Economic Times in Tianjin.
During the meeting, President Li briefed the guest on TU history, and stressed on the significance of TU School of Architecture in China. He pointed out that with modern technology, surveying and restoration of blueprint of ancient buildings for conservation  have made great progress. And he expressed his hope that the cooperation between universities in Hong Kong and TU could be further enhanced to facilitate the development of architectural industries both in Tianjin and Hong Kong. Ms. Hung sang highly of the architectural achievements attained in TU. She indicated that surveying and conservation of the ancient buildings are of great significance in national history and future development of the country. She felt relieved that TU is working so hard in this area. She wished TU greater achievement in the conservation of ancient buildings.
After the meeting, Ms. Hung visited the design exhibition of students in the School of Architecture works with great interest together with Professor Zhang Qi, Dean of the School of Architecture. She also had discussions with over 20 student representatives. During the discussions, she shared her experiences on business for over 40 years and her opinions on the development of Tianjin real state industry. She  later interacted with the students regarding a flurry of anxious questions of their concern.
Ms. Hung has long been dedicated to the promotion of the cooperation between Tianjin and Hong Kong, including exchanges in the higher education sector.

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