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Representatives from the Infinity Group Visits TU
  March: 2011-06-02

A delegation from the Infinity Group headed by its Managing Partner Avishai Silvershatz visited TU on May 27th. President Li Jiajun met with the guests together with the representatives from the International Cooperation Division of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the TU International Cooperation Office and the TU Office of the President.

President Li extended his warm welcome to the guests, and briefed them on the history, advantageous disciplines as well as the research of TU. He then suggested that the Infinity Group further deepen their understanding of TU and both sides should step up their bilateral cooperation. This was favored by the Managing Partner Silvershatz. Managing Partner Silvershatz also expressed his appreciation for TU's hospitality and praised the university for their achievements in the field of education and research.

The Infinity Group is the world's leading cross border Chinese focused management group with 2 billion RMB and more than US$700 million under management through twelve funds, ten of which are in China. The group is backed by global investors such as the China Development Bank and the IDB Group, the largest conglomerate in Israel. The fund is also supported by both the governments of China and Israel. The Infinity Group's first China-related fund, Infinity-CSVC, established in 2004, was the premier foreign/local joint venture RMB fund in China, receiving certification as fund No 00001.

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