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Welcome from President Li Jiajun
  March: 2011-06-06


Welcome to Tianjin University (TU), China!

Founded in 1895 with the name of Peiyang University, Tianjin University is the first university in China. As the pioneer of modern higher education in China, the university was committed to the mission of revitalizing China through education ever since its foundation and has been fighting arduously in keeping up with this mission. The university proudly upholds the motto “Seeking Truth from Facts”, while the faculty follows the guidelines of precise learning and strict teaching. To this day, over 200,000 outstanding individuals had been educated in this university, all of whom contributed greatly to the prosperity of the country, development of the society and the progress in science and technology. Tianjin University is among the first 16 National Key Universities designated by the government in 1959, and is also among the first group of universities to be included into the “211” and “985” Projects of national investment for building world class universities. Now, Tianjin University has grown into a world recognized research university with distinctive quality and strength in education, research and social service.

The over 116-year history of Tianjin University is the epitome of progress of Chinese modern higher education. During this period of time, generations of Peiyang and TU students and faculty devoted themselves to the betterment of the nation and helped reconstruct the country with their sound knowledge of modern science and technology. While our motto remains unchanged, the university advanced with time, opening up to the world with quality education. To this day, the  university adheres to its mission of educating high caliber talents with innovative abilities, and at the same time combines education and research with social service. While emphasizing moral quality as the prioritized element in education, the university maintains a multi-disciplinary system for the well-rounded development of students. Also, the university is now committed to recruiting better talents and stronger faculty, as well as developing better system policies and participating in more international partnerships in an effort to make Tianjin University into a first class institution in the world.

I deeply appreciate all the support and contributions from all sectors of our society, alumni and particularly all of our students, staff and faculty, for without them we would not dream of what we have achieved so far. Our predecessors had left us with the legacies that now become our motivation as we look back upon their achievements. I shall now call for the unity and combined strengths from all of you for the honor and glory of the TU ambitions of giving life force to China, the TU cause of building an innovative country, and the TU determination of revolutionizing action. Thank you!

Address: 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District
Tianjin, P.R.China
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