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  March: 2011-06-06

    The Graduate School of Tianjin University was established on December 17th, 1984, as one of the first twenty-two graduate schools approved by the State Council. It has won many awards, such as National Advanced Unit for Degree and Graduate Education Management granted by the Degree Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Education (1999), Municipal Advanced Unit for Degree and Graduate Education Management by the Degree Committee of Tianjin Municipal Government (2001), Advanced Unit for Services by Tianjin University (2001). And it has a good reputation for degree and graduate education management across the country. 
    The graduate education at Tianjin University can trace back to 1934 when Peiyang College of Engineering admitted 3 graduate engineering students and conferred them Master degrees in 1937. Tianjin University had enrolled graduate students, but no degrees were conferred before the Cultural Revolution (1966). In 1978, after the Revolution, the University was one of the universities that first resumed graduate education, and it was authorized to confer master and doctoral degrees and to establish pilot stations for postdoctoral research. Over 20 years of development, the University currently has 7 state first-grade key disciplines, 8 state second-grade key disciplines and 17 postdoctoral stations. There are 20 first-grade disciplines and 92 second-grade disciplines that are authorized to confer doctoral degrees and 150 second-grade disciplines to confer master degrees. Besides, the University offers 24 engineering master programs and other professional degrees programs like Architecture, MBA, MPA, EMBA and Architectural Environment Art.
    Tianjin University has made rapid progress in its graduate education since 1978, and more than 40,000 students have graduated. In recent years, the enrollment has increased by an annual 20% to 30%. By June, 2010, 32,408 master candidates and 8240 doctoral candidates had been admitted, of whom 4,942 had earned doctoral degrees and 34,126 master degrees. At present, the body of graduate candidates is of 17,100, of whom 9,200 are full-time while 7,900 are part-time for professional degrees. 
     In order to meet the demand of the economic and social development, China’s degree and graduate education has been developing rapidly, many part-time professional master degree programs and non-degree programs have been set up, such as M. Eng, MBA and EMBA. The Graduate School of Tianjin University is one of the first higher education institutions authorized to confer the above professional degrees, and a pilot school to confer master degree to teachers from secondary vocational schools and tertiary institutions, and a pilot school to confer master degrees of Architecture. 
A professional degree is academically at the same level as a master of engineering with different characteristics, which is an effective way to cultivate high level inter-disciplinary talents. For the market demand, the service for industries, the reputation of the University and the quality of education, the Graduate School has achieved tremendous social and economic benefits, as a result of which the number of applicants for professional degrees and the enrollment of M. Eng. ranks on the top among Chinese universities.

     In recent years, the Graduate School has steadily promoted educational reform and established a new model for high level scientific research, while putting emphasis on improving students’ innovative abilities, cultivating high level talents, strengthening discipline development and enhancing the University’s core competition capacity. A flexible and varied credit system has thus been set up, and a Project 211 development plan for innovative personnel training has been implemented to explore a feasibility mode of enrollment and cultivation based on first-grade disciplines. Since 1989 more than 10 awards have been given the Graduate School by provincial governments and ministries. 
    Holding the educational goal of “Characteristics, Competitiveness and High Level”, the Graduate School is committed to helping build the University into an open, integrated, research-based and internationally-renowned university in the world.

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