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Celebrating National Day 2018


Origin of Chinese National Day

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was founded on September 21, 1949, with a ceremony commemorating the forming of the Central People's Government taking place in Tiananmen Square on October 1 that year. The Central People's Government passed a resolution declaring October 1 to be the Chinese National Day.

From that time Chinese National Day is celebrated on October 1st every year to commemorate the founding of People’s Republic of China and many large-scaled activities are held nationwide. The 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th is called 'Golden Week', during which a large number of Chinese people travel around the country. 

Today, China is open and inclusive with hundreds of millions of talented people contributing to the great progress of technology in China.  

China is now an advanced industrial and technological economy: China built the world's largest filled-aperture radio telescope, the five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST); 

People are used to buying things online and using mobile phone to make payments; The convenient high-speed rail network makes travel easier.

For 69 years, China has overcome many difficulties. For 69 years, China has strived ahead for a better future through all these challenges. Tianjin University people from all walks of life are working hard to contribute to the the great rejuvenation of the Motherland. 

Liu Fanglei was an undergraduate at TJU in 1989. He has designed the architecture for the APEC Summit in 2014, G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016 and " the belt and road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum in May, 2017 and the Brics Summit. 

He Yu was an undergraduate of TJU in 1990. He is called the TJU person in ”Tiangong”. He Yu is in General Command of the Shenzhou-IX spacecraft system, the Deputy Chief Designer of Tiangong-1 and he participated in the task of docking Tiangong-1 with Shenzhou-. He has been awarded the title of Prominent Contributor for Chinas Manned Spaceflight Program, and Prominent Contributor for the Development of Shenzhou . 

Yang Haoyong was an undergraduate of TJU in 1992. He has been engaged in research and development in the core development group in Juniper Networks: the biggest cybersecurity company in the world, which is located in Silicon Valley. He established TromphiNetworks and works as its CEO. Yang Haoyong is the coalition founder of Market Networks, the CEO of Hao Duo Che Group and the founder of Mao Dou New Car Group. 

Wang Tong was an undergraduate of Tianjin University in 2000. He is a famous producer of documentary music. He has worked on sound designing for the making of hundreds of documentaries, including Go to Nanyang, Currency, A Bite of China, Super Engineering, Xi Zhongxun, No.1 Ship in South China Sea, Peony and The Forbidden City 100.

Jiang Shu was an undergraduate of Tianjin University in 2003. She is an engineering student who turned out to be a wonderful lighting magician. She is listed among the top 40 outstanding designers who are under 40 in the world by LDA globally in 2017. 

CCTV official Weibo has given a thumbs up to teacher Qi Lan, who is often correcting students’ homework continuously for 6 hours each night. 

Students posted teacher Na Yisha’s “fantastic blackboard writing” on Weibo and gave it the thumbs up for the writing neat words with clear knowledge and illustrations. The picture of the blackboard writing has become famous and popular among the students and teachers of TJU. 

Teacher Jia Shaoyi, from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology is teaching on the small platform where he has worked day and night for 36 years, producing so many prominent students around the world. Loving his students and the whole country, he is a model for all the teachers as he has cultivated generations of talent for the motherland by using countless chalks and textbooks.

Teacher Liu Xijun, School of Mechanical Engineering earns his students’ sincere love as he takes a practical approach and sets himself up as an example. His ‘Dragon wash, chime and wind tunnel tests’ are a reflection of his teaching idea of ”combining teaching and practice”. Although he has diligently worked for decades on such a small platform, he has gained so much happiness by working hard and he never forgets his divine task of educating students and delivering knowledge

His black hair has turned white for he has been working so hard since his youth. 

Teacher Zhang Sherong, from the School of Civil Engineering and although he has been teaching for more than 30 years he is as passionate and respectful as he was when he taught students the first time. He has never stopped his innovation and exploration of teaching methods for undergraduates. He has taught students who go around the world who stand in the forefront of “Big Engineering” by being mindful of numerous little details. Being rigorous, he shows this characteristic of being a model teacher of TJU.

Teacher Ma Zhiyao says: “It brings happiness to devote yourself to life and work with love.” He teaches undergraduates and postgraduates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who major in Chinese Language, and postgraduates who major in Cross Culture Education and Chinese International Education. Students can also choose his public courses. He loves his job and his students. He has made a close integration of scientific research and teaching to promote teaching by using programs and promoting scientific research vitality. He achieves the ideals of gaining the success of both teaching and scientific research as well as educating people and serving the society for he has written more than 200 papers, 25 monographs and completed several national and provincial projects. His excessive hard work is an important reason for his success.

Teacher Liu Junji, from the School of Science teaches students with passion and explains complex theories in simple language, so physics and chemistry are not difficult any more. He is kind, modest, passionate and sincere and numerous students have become his friends. While there is less and less hair on his head from 28 years teaching and chalk dust does more and more damages to his lungs, he will never regret being a teacher because of his passion for his vocation.

Teacher Zhang Yuqin, is from the School of Mathematics. Someone has said that advanced maths is what troubles students. But her students have said: “We love the subject for we love the person”. In the classroom of advanced maths in the morning there are few people, but in the “Q-A group” it becomes a little noisy late in the afternoon. We can see her kind smile for she is Mrs. Zhang to whom we are grateful for passing on a teacher’s morality to generations of students. She is Mother Zhang who cares for all the students and educates us without discrimination.

Today, there are some fortunate people who celebrate their own birthdays when they celebrate National Day of the Motherland. Some TJU students who were born on October, 1st, which is also the birthday of the People's Republic of China wrote their blessings to the Motherland and expressed their best wishes on the notice board.

Chen Ruotong, from the School of Mechanics, a major in machine, aviation and energy power wrote: “After striving for decades, China now stands tall in the world and after making efforts for decades, the Chinese people are full of power. I hope that China will have a brighter future!” Birthday wishes: I hope advanced math will not be difficult for me anymore. I’m looking forward to birthday gifts and red envelopes. I want be slimmer and taller!” 

Huanghan Wulei, from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, wrote; “Birthday wishes: I hope that my study will go on smoothly and I hope I can contribute to TJU.”

Wang Dongkai, from the School of Mechanical Engineering, grade of 2018, a major in aviation and energy power wrote: “May the great motherland prosperous!” Birthday wishes: I hope I can strive to work hard and never be lazy in my college life. I hope I can realize my dream and achieve the value of my life by contributing to the realization of the Chinese Dream and Chinese people’s beautiful life in the future!”

Wang Yiwen, from the School of Architecture, a major in urban and rural planning, wrote: “Happy birthday to my motherland! Birthday wishes: I want to be taller! I wish my motherland a bright future! I hope all the students of TJU can safeguard our country! We love you, China!”
By: Liu Yingchao
Photo Designer: Liu Xiaotian
Editors: Sun Xiaofang and Ross Colquhoun