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Recap 2023 in Pics and Snapshots


Editor's notes: The year 2023 is quickening its farewell steps. At the threshold of 2024, we sift through pictures and snapshots of the year and feel gratitude to the people we met, the moments we enjoyed together and the events that brought changes to our lives. That’s our memory of 2023, that’s our bite of life at TJU. Hopefully, more people will share your year photo or year story with us.

Wang Wenjie: an anthlete quest at TJU

Wang Wenjie enjoys her athletic life at TJU. She is a 2022 undergraduate at the School of Life Sciences, triumphed in the women's 100m event at the 61st Tianjin University Athletics Championships in 2023. She became the first gold medalist of the event.


kung fu Master: Tian Yuze

As a PhD student of Solid Mechanics in Tianjin University, Tian Yuze is also a martial arts sports star. Martial art (Wushu) is both his teacher and his friend. In the hard training since childhood, martial arts have taught him how to calm down; in the college, martial arts provide a harbor for him to relax.


CICSIC 2023 Held at TJU

This year we saw the spirit of innovation blossom at TJU as we held the China International College Students' Innovation Competition (CICSIC) 2023 and attracted thousands of students from home and abroad to attend the events. TJU clinched the most gold medals. Bravo, TJUers. Let’s celebrate innovation and embrace the future!


Sports make us happy! The 3rd International Student Badminton Game

October saw our sportsmanship in the stadium. We made friends from badminton competition. More than 150 international students from over 30 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, France, Mauritania, and Tajikistan, together with more than 50 Chinese students participated.


Tan Jing Yong:Infusing Youthful Power into BRI

Tan Jing Yong, from Malaysia, is a junior student majoring in Information Management and Information System at the College of Management and Economics. He participated in the parallel activity of the ASEAN Exchange Week - "Know and Walk Guizhou" Silk Road Youth Exchange Plan held in Guiyang, Gui Zhou province in the summer and spoke on behalf of Tianjin University international students. He shared with us his thoughts on the Belt and Road Initiative to commemorate its tenth anniversary.


Traditional Costume Show: we are a family!

About 200 international students from 45 countries, including Honduras, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Cambodia, and Mexico, showcased traditional costumes of their countries in the show. Many international students put on Chinese Hanfu clothing with their deep love for Chinese culture. They showcased their cultural charms of various countries through this platform for cultural exchanges.


Moaaz Awan: I’d like to call myself Gen of the BRI era

Moaaz Awan, a doctoral candidate at the School of Civil Engineering, talks about his story of contributing to the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. He featured in the Pakistan episode of The Call of the Silk Road, a TV documentary filmed by China Global Television Network (CGTN) and shared stories about his active involvement in the construction and development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) while serving as the Senior Public Relations Manager at the Karot Hydropower Plant. In the documentary, he said, "Pakistan benefits with the abundant 720 MWs of clean and green energy, making the vision of BRI a tangible reality. A sense of happiness and satisfaction engulfs me.”


Yang Man: My intern at the United Nations

Yang Man, a 25-year-old young man, who graduated from Tianjin University’s Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine with a master degree in intelligent Medical Engineering, interned at the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). From a country boy to an UN intern, Yang Man is on his steady ascent into a broader and more expansive world.


August ushers in many new students

Tianjin University (TJU) welcomed new international students of 2023 from August 23 to September 1, 2023. More than 430 international students from over 80 countries began a brand-new adventure of vibrant and youthful study at Tianjin University with anticipation and joy on their faces.


Commencement in the Video: Wish Everyone a Happy Graduation

In June, we have graduated!!! We take with us TJU’s diploma and best blessings from teachers, friends and family members and leave behind our toil and joy, tears and laughters. Goodbye, Tianjin University! Farewell, my Alma Mater!


Luo Junjie: My Extraordinary Decade at TJU

I am Luo Junjie, a "veteran TJUer" who has been studying and living at Tianjin University (TJU) for more than ten years. TJU is the first stop on my academic journey and the place where I am now about to complete my doctoral degree. At the School of Architecture, I enjoyed the most memorable years of my life and fulfilled my bachelor's, master's, and doctoral studies here.


GURDOV GUVANCH, A “Little Prince” Looking for his “Rose” in China

GURDOV GUVANCH, a young Turkman, is currently a junior studying at Tianjin University’s School of Marine Science and Technology. “I like my university very much. My teachers are kind, responsible and very helpful. Whenever we encounter some difficulties, we always have some one to turn to for help.”


International Cultural Festival: TJU Mini World Expo

On May 13, the 13th International Cultural Festival of Tianjin University kicked off on its Weijin Road campus. Themed as Diversified TJU, Harmony and Development, the festival convened hundreds of international students from more than 30 countries to rejoice on campus and put on wonderful exotic shows for more than 2,000 audiences.


Tihanyi Istvan: a cultural messenger between China and Hungary and China

Handsome Tihanyi earned a master's degree in environmental engineering from Tianjin University. After graduation, he decided to start a red wine business in Tianjin. In this way he can help more Chinese people to understand Hungarian culture, especially Hungarian wine. "Tianjin is my second hometown, and I would like to make my own contribution to the development of friendly relations between the two countries in this lovely city!"


Garabekov Muhammet:A Turkmenian Young Man’s Extraordinary Life at TJU

He comes from a city that has a history of 3,000 years; he speaks five languages; he is a boxing champion; he is an eloquent orator; he’s one of the ten student advisors to the university president. He is Garabekov Muhammet from Mary in Turkmenistan, an undergraduate at Tianjin University, majoring in Business Chinese.


OGUZHAN ARSLAN: Turkish Entrepreneur Thrives on China’s Manufacturing Industry

“China’s big manufacturing industry provides the basic foundation for my business and makes my dream come true,” said OGUZHAN ARSLAN, a 29-year-old Turkish young man who started his own business as an international trade agent in 2022 after he graduated with a master degree from Tianjin University in China’s northern port city, Tianjin.


Kashan Khan's Inquiry into World of Steel and Concrete

Only three months into 2023, Kashan Khan, a Pakistani doctoral candidate at the School of Civil Engineering, has gotten off to a flying start in his academic research with 4 papers published. Up to now, Kashan has published 19 papers, 12 of which are first-authored and in top journals. His tutor thinks very highly of him. “KASHAN KHAN is a practical, diligent and inquisitive student and has good professional knowledge. I see him as the rising star with a foreseeable future in the field of international civil engineering.”


Would you like to share with us your gains or regrets, happiness and sorrows in 2023 and your expectations for 2024? Look forward to photos, articles or video telling your wonderful life story at Tianjin University. We can be reached through the mail publicpress@tju.edu.cn.

Editor; Eva Yin