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1. Student Associations of Tianjin University 

There are a total of more than 300 student associations at school-level and college-level in TJU which include 50 function-oriented school-level associations and 80 interest-oriented school-level associations. By the classification of the character of associations, function-oriented associations at school-level can be divided into seven categories, including ten academic associations, four technology associations, one arts association, ten sports associations, twenty three public-service associations, ten media propaganda associations as well as one business cooperation association. The interest-oriented associations at school-level and function-oriented associations are as follows: fourteen academic associations, twelve technology associations, seventeen arts associations, twenty six sports associations, eight public service associations, one media propaganda association, as well as two business cooperation associations. 

Students Organizations: Student Union, Student Union of Associations, Young Volunteer Association
Featured Activities: The Student Congress, The Principal Reception Day, Intelligence-competing Programs,Orienteering,Freshmen Singing Competition, Host Talent Competition, Cross-strait Communication, Youth Forum Lecture, the Care in Mirror (an activity to provide mirrors for students for free), Girls’ Day 

Technology Association: Student Association of Science and Technology
Featured Activities: The Challenge-cup Extracurricular and Academic Contest, Business Plan Competition, Festival of Robots, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition  

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2. Activities of Student Associations 

1). Activities of students’ Associations-SCI-TECH 

Robot Festival
The TJU Robot Festival was founded in 2004, and has become one of the most important competitions among students. As time has passed, it has become an iconic activity of the TJU Student Science and Technology Association. This competition is held once a year, with each taking six months from the release of the theme to the final competition. It has been successfully held 11 times, and provides a science popularization activity about work skills, training and inquiry-based learning. 



Intelligent Space Station
Our “Intelligent Space Station” is a series of innovative and creative learning platforms and practices, held by the TJU Student Science and Technology Association. This program is comprised of the integration of multiple subjects and innovation within them all. Through these means, it has offered a great chance for junior students to participate in curriculum practice. It also trains and improves the students’ ability to innovate, while promoting the integration and cooperation of the interdisciplinary team. 


Popularization of Science Festival
This program is held on the campus open day of the first term and during the Begonia Festival of the second term every year. The Science and Technology Association, drawn from every college, and the Scientific Club set up around 20 stations to popularize science, demonstrating and introducing knowledge of related fields. It explores new ways to popularize science, so that it allows science and technology knowledge to enter students’ lives naturally. 


The Student Science Award & Science and Technology Talents
Since 1999, TJU has carried out the “Project of Science and Technology talents”, and since 2002 we have also given out the “Student Science Award”, which selects 10 winners annually. It aims to encourage students to explore science and technology, and help students to develop a good sense of innovation. The award rewards students who have made significant achievements in academic research, scientific and technological innovation, technological breakthroughs and other aspects related to science and technology.



2). Characteristic activities of students’ Associations- Organizational propaganda

Freshman party
The TJU Communist Youth League Student Association has organized the Freshman Party for the past seven years. Through brilliant programs and interactive games, they create a sense of home for the freshman, newly arrived at TJU. It also builds a platform for communication between the older students and the new, which helps the  freshmen to adapt and integrate into college life. 


Rose About
The TJU Communist Youth League Student Association has annually set up the Rose About festivities on 11.11, China’s singles day and the busiest shopping day of the year, which facilitates communication through programs and interactive games. 

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