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1. Cultural and artistic classes 

The effective development of art education in Tianjin University depends on its educational concept, which shaped around the idea of art education for all students. It depends on an artistic atmosphere influencing students, so that every student can be nurtured by elegance of the arts. Tianjin University has established the “three classrooms” arts and culture educational system to cultivate an elegant cultural atmosphere on campus.   


1). Open up the first classroom, integrate science with art
Aside from the foundation of science and education professional courses, Tianjin University has set up comprehensive curricula, including theory and practice of a great combination of art courses for the majority of students. At present, TJU has not only opened up twenty two art elective courses and more than 30 art practice courses, but also in certain colleges created art requirement courses combined with the characteristics of different professions. There are nearly 1000 students participating in  art elective courses each year. Through the classes, most of the students, with little foundation in instrumental or vocal performance, can grow into performers with primary knowledge of singing, playing instruments and acting. A considerable number of them can become accomplished performers, actively performing on stage through their steady effort.


2). Enrich the second classroom, nurture an artistic temperament in the hearts of students
With the principle of “Performing art is not the cultivation of the violinist, but the cultivation of an Einstein with the skill of playing the violin.” Tianjin University holds the Peiyang Art Troupe as its principal association, the Student Activity Center for its base, and the Campus culture festival and Weekly concert as its main characteristic, in order to create a “second classroom art education system” with the aim of artistic education. Over the years, plenty of "zero start" students have attended the art salons and become intimate friends, the annual performances infect everyone on campus. What’s more, there are nine major groups belonging to the Peiyang Art Troupe, and every main group operates many artistic sub-groups including the Peiyang chorus and the Peiyang symphony that all enjoy great popularity. In recent years, there have been great developments in the Drama Club and the Dance club. For example, many distinctive art groups have arisen in the Peiyang Drama Club, such as the Drama club, Opera club, and Movie club. There are also the Ballroom dancing team, the DBX street dance team and the Ghost Dance Association included in the Peiyang Dance club.


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2. Cultural and artistic activities 

1). University Students’ Culture and Arts Festival
In 1985, the first University Students’ Culture and Arts Festival was launched in China. Carrying art lectures, cultural activities, art troupe performances, and concerts, etc., the Peiyang Art Troupe hosts the University Students’ Culture and Arts festival annually. As of 2016, it has been successfully hosted 31 times and it is becoming increasingly systematic, full of standardization and bursting with culture. More than 550,000 students have participated in thousands of colorful art activities. Each session lasts for three months. The University Students' Cultural and Artistic Festival has become a feast of the arts for students.


2). Weekend Concert
In 1997, Tianjin University started the unprecedented-within-China operation of  holding weekend concerts. Since it began 19 years ago, the Peiyang art group has successfully held 713 weekend concerts at a fixed time in a fixed place every week, and has attracted over 450,000 audience members. Tianjin University weekend concert was designated by the Ministry of Education as one of the three major methods of art education in colleges and universities.


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