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Tianjin University is one of the 10 universities to provide Foundation Program for International Undergraduates awarded with Chinese Government Scholarships under the Ministry of Education in China. More than1000 international students, with solid Chinese language skills, strong adaptability in professional learning and high-level intercultural communication competence, have graduated from Tianjin University and sought their further study in renowned Chinese universities. At present, more than 220 foreign students from 63 countries supported by Chinese Government Scholarship, or at their own expense are studying at Tianjin University.

The Foundation Program is designed for beginners who plan to study science or engineering to have a systematic study of general Chinese, technical Chinese, basic mathematics, physics and chemistry. After accomplishing the courses with qualified academic performance and reaching the entry threshold of Chinese higher education institutions, students can master basic knowledge of Chinese language(HSK4), and a certain amount of specialty vocabulary and knowledge, which help them to proceed to the degree programs in various disciplines in Tianjin University or other higher education institutions.

Course Setting

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese character, Oral Chinese, Technical Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

The 1st semester is the Chinese strengthening stage, 28 class hours a week; in the 2nd semester, on the basis of Chinese strengthening, the students also study such courses as math, physics and chemistry, 33 class hours a week.

Application schedule for Foundation Programs

Fall-semester study: March 15 – June 15

Spring-semester study: September 15 – December 15

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