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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for undergraduate education and teaching at Tianjin University. For years, the office has always sticking to Tianjin University’s motto “Seeking Truth from Facts” and the guidelines “Precise in Learning, Strict in Teaching”, while making continuous efforts to fulfill Tianjin University’s goal of training talented people and cultivating outstanding talents with “patriotism, global perspectives, innovative spirit, and practical abilities” through constantly deepening educational reform, innovating talent training models, and perfecting selection and training systems of top-notch innovative talent.


Currently, the office has nine divisions including teaching research, teaching and learning management, student status management, comprehensive training, teaching evaluation and faculty training, practice-based teaching, center for classroom management, and the office of undergraduate admissions (including two sub-divisions: talent selection and evaluation, and division of publicity and research for admission). The responsibilities of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs include development planning for undergraduate education and teaching, teaching reform and research, development of programs, courses, and teaching materials, management of course scheduling and student performance, examination management, student status management, recommendation of Master Degree candidates exemption from examination, undergraduate admission, joint training by the universities inside and outside of China, improvement of teaching ability, teaching quality evaluation and guarantee, base development for student internship and practice, innovation and entrepreneurship education and discipline competition.


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