TJU Students Attend 2011 World Engineers’ Convention

On September 4-9th, the 2011 World Engineers' Convention (WEC2011) was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Tianjin University (TJU) doctorate students Chen Yunhui and Zhang Qian, on behalf of young engineers, attended the convention as the members of the delegation of the China Association for Science. Young Engineers/Future Leaders (YE/FL) became the standing committee within the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) during this convention, and it was the first time for young engineers from mainland China to attend the meeting of this committee. During the convention, the two engineering representatives communicated with young engineers from Kuwait, the United States, Costa Rica, Germany, Australia, India, Venezuela, South Africa, and many other countries, discussing the development and the future of young engineers.

During the convention, the two students attended the Young Engineer/Future Leaders’ official council meeting and technical panel. During the official council meeting, they expressed their expectations for YE/FL activities. They explained that they believe young engineers are facing tremendous challenges. Even though experienced engineers are required in industry in-order to meet the ever-growing demand of technological advancements, newly graduated engineers must be able to participate in various activities in-order to gain experience. In addition, the TJU students also suggested that the discussion section should be added to YE/FL meetings, focusing on the issues of global concern such as economic development, energy growth, etc., to develop the leadership of the young engineers. This suggestion was greeted with support from members of Capacity Building Committee.

During the technical panel, Chen and Zhang carefully listened to the activities and achievements of each Sub-Committee (i.e., Australia, the Pan-United States, Kuwait, Gulf Cove, India, and Germany) and expressed their praise for the YE/FL. The YE/FL program has just started in China and the experience of the sub-committees is of great value to China and those participating.

The World Engineers' Convention was co-initiated by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and UNESCO in 2000, and is hailed as the “Engineering Olympics". So far, the WEC has been convened three times in Germany, China and Brazil respectively. This year’s theme is "Engineers Power the World - Facing the Global Energy Challenge".

Young Engineers/Future Leaders (YE/FL) is a working Group under the Capacity Building Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). It became the standing committee within WFEO during this convention. The sub-committees were established in the member countries to independently organize activities among young engineers, including technical meetings, forums, factory visits, young engineers networking, technical projects, etc.